48 hour Pre-Broker Springfield

Class meets 8:00am – 5:00pm on the dates indicated below.

Once successfully completed, this course fulfills the MREC education requirement to sit for the Missouri broker exam.

Students must be in attendance for the entire course or no credit will be given.

Missouri Salesperson Pre-Exam Evening/Weekend (48-hour)

This course prepares the student to take the Missouri real estate salesperson exam.

The two week class schedule is as follows:

Tuesday -Friday Evening: 6 – 10pm
Saturday: 8am – 5pm
The schedule is repeated the following week

Registration for Pre-License/Evening-Weekend Springfield

Class location: Real Estate School of the Ozarks, LLC. 3433 S. Campbell Ave. Suite M. Springfield, MO 65807. Register below for the 48-hour only, the 24-hour only, or the 72-hour pre-license package (all required courses). To register for the 72-hour package, indicate the date of the 48-hour course as the start date. You will be automatically registered for the following, or any future 24 hour class you want to take (within the Missouri Real Estate Commission guidelines).

Springfield Prelicense Evenings

Choose your courses below: *New unlicensed candidates obtaining a MO real estate license are required to take both classes (72-hours). *If you are a salesperson licensed in another state, the 24-hour MREP course is the only required course.

  • Choose your 48 hour Pre-Exam Course first.
  • Choose the start date of your 24 hour course. You will have 6 months from the ending date of your 48-hour pre-exam course to apply for your license. You do NOT need to take the 24 hour MREP course right away, but you do need to take it in order to apply for license. If you are unsure which MREP course you want to take, you can let your instructor know at a future date which course you will take.
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Is the Real Estate Exam Difficult?

Real Estate Exam Test Agent License Study Pass Final Home Sale SThe most asked question from students is, “How tough is the test?” The exam is difficult. Most exams are difficult. There are two things that will help you pass the exam: 1) Listen to our lectures. They include tips on taking the exam and how to pass the test; 2) Study.

No teacher ever said there is no studying required. In order for you to pass the exam, you must study. Some students prefer to make flashcards, some study from exams they have taken, some use tools such as CompuCram (available on our website) or the Dearborn Modern Real Estate Practice app (available in your app store).

As you will see in the video, we are here to help you pass. You are part of the process, too. Together, we can do it!

YouTube “How Difficult is the Real Estate Exam?”


A Bit Late for Halloween, but Still Scary!

From National Association of REALTORS® (www.realtor.org)

Would any of these stories make you think twice about making an offer?

Scary Real Estate Stories: The House Is Vacant, But Someone’s Home…

The Halloween decorations have already been up in my neighborhood for about a week, announcing that the season for spine-tingling ghost stories has arrived.

To get in the spirit, we asked real estate professionals to share their creepiest stories from the field. Your clients may not want to know what’s lurking out there — at least until All Hallows’ Eve has passed — but these real estate tales of terror could be fun to share with colleagues, friends, and family during this spooky time.

Credit: lynette

  • “I always make a habit of knocking or ringing the doorbell, even if the house is vacant. My clients and I were standing on the porch as I rang the doorbell of a vacant house, and we all distinctly heard “Who is it?” in a gruff little old lady’s voice. We all looked at each other. I asked if they heard it, and they nodded their heads up and down. We went in and checked out the house (and all the closets) but found no one. We didn’t make an offer, needless to say.” —Barry Long, EverStar Realty, Kennewick, Wash.
  • “Years ago, I had a listing that the seller said was haunted by a young boy. When my article came out in the newspaper for advertisement of the new listing, there was a young, dark figure of a boy standing in the doorway in the picture.” —Julie Beltran, Premier Real Estate, Tulare, Calif.
  • “I had a client a couple years ago who was eccentric, to say the least. Every time I showed him a house and we got to the basement, he would make a comment about how many bodies he could hide in it. Pretty nice guy, though.” —Chase Adams, 1st Rate Realty, LLC, Franklin, Pa.
  • “I was showing a home this past spring and as we were coming down from the walk-up attic, the door slammed in my face. I pretended that it was no big deal, but I was instantly unsettled and couldn’t wait to leave.” —Jane Johnson, Howard Hanna Real Estate Services, Jackson, Mich.
  • “An agent I know had a listing whose owner kept taking it off the market (then back on, then off again) because, she claimed, the ghost of her deceased husband was telling her to do so.” —Sara Minshull, Redfin, Aliquippa, Pa.
  • “I was showing a home built in the 1800s. The kitchen was actually located in the basement. When I went to get the lockbox key, my client told me that the door to the basement/kitchen was unlocked, so we went ahead and went in that way. We pulled the door closed behind us but didn’t touch any locking mechanisms. We proceeded to preview the home. We decided to exit the same way we came in, but when we went to open the door, it was locked. That creeped us all out, so we ran upstairs and fortunately were able to get out of the back door.” —Beth Baldwin, GRI, ABR, Virginia Capital Realty, Richmond, Va.
  • “I showed a house once, and the only things in the house were two boxes in a bedroom closet — each box containing the ashes of the owners. Pretty creepy.” —Caroline Blankfort, William Raveis Baer & McIntosh, Nyack, N.Y.

Victoria Holmen

Victoria Holmen is an intern for REALTOR® Magazine. She can be reached at [email protected].

In a Nutshell…

The most frequent question we get is, “What is the procedure to get my real estate license and start in the business?” The best place to go to get the most in-depth answer is Missouri Real Estate Commission, but to bring things down to the basics, here is a list of requirements:

  1. Criminal background check to qualify for licensure: Missouri Automated Criminal History Site (MACHS). You will use the code number 0004.
  2. Missouri Salesperson Pre-Exam Course and certificate of completion (48 Hour) to be eligible to take your licensing exam: Link to our course schedule
  3. Missouri Real Estate Practice Course and certificate of completion to be able to apply for your license: Link to our course schedule
  4. Proof that you have passed the Missouri real estate salesperson licensing exam: AMP Testing Center
  5. An employing broker. You need to find a broker whose company, benefits and requirements fit your needs.
  6. If your broker belongs to a local real estate association (Board of REALTORS®), you will need to join, too.
  7. Membership in your association’s Multiple Listing Service (MLS).
  8. Time to devote to working on starting up your business.
  9. Patience while working on your lead list so you can eventually begin working with clients.
  10. A savings account with a few month’s salary saved up, or a household income that will allow for the expenses required to enter the real estate business.

Most of the items in the list above will have charges associated with them. Following the links above will take you to each site to investigate further regarding cost and requirements. The broker you choose will have information on the fees for joining a real estate association and MLS fees.

Did you know that real estate agents are usually independent contractors? This means that real estate agents are self-employed, receive a 1099 from their broker and pay self-employment taxes.

This information should be verified with the Missouri Real Estate Commission.

Today is National Arbor Day

National Arbor Day: Trees and the Home Purchase

Reprinted from National Association of REALTORS® Economist’s Outlook Blog/April 24, 2015

Posted in Economist Commentaries, by Brandi Snowden, Research Survey Analyst on April 24, 2015

National Arbor Day is celebrated on April 24th, and is a time to celebrate the importance of trees. For home buyers who recognize their significance, finding a home with features such as being located on a wooded lot, having many trees, or being close to parks is important. Using the 2013 Profile of Buyers’ Home Features Preferences, 2014 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, and the 2015 Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends Report we can examine which features recent home buyers considered important.

Eighteen percent of repeat buyers and 25 percent of buyers purchasing a new home said that being on a wooded lot or one with many trees was very important.

Twenty percent of home searchers in the South and 30 percent of home searchers in rural areas thought that having a wooded lot or many trees was very important.

Twenty percent of single males and 18 percent of married couples thought that finding a home on a wooded lot or with many trees as very important during their home search.

Among home searchers, 20 percent looking for a duplex, apartment, or condo with 2-4 units, and 18 percent searching for a detached single-family home thought that it was important to find a home on a wooded lot or with many trees.

Twenty-three percent of recent buyers felt that convenience to parks or recreational facilities was an influencing factor for their neighborhood choice.

Recent buyers living in a suburb or subdivision (28 percent) and unmarried couples (27 percent) felt that the convenience to parks or recreational facilities was an influencing factor for their neighborhood choice.

Looking generationally, convenience to parks and recreational facilities had the most influence on recent buyers aged 34 and younger at 28 percent, and recent buyers aged 35 to 49 at 24 percent.

Visit the Arbor Day Foundation for more information on getting involved this Arbor Day.

The Market is Moving!

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The spring market is hitting strongly in Springfield! There has been a drop in short sales and foreclosures and that means the market is improving. We follow many real estate agents who are getting accepted offers within a day or two of placing a sign in the yard!

Does this mean every house will sell quickly? No, of course not. But it does mean that there is much higher consumer confidence in the real estate market than there has been in the near past.

According to the National Association of REALTORS®, there are still some want-to-be buyers who will not yet be creditworthy for homeownership, but there are many more qualified buyers who are out there looking now.

Additionally, those who lost homes within the past 10 years and have consistently paid rent and utilities, are fording a solid credit history. That coupled with new credit scoring models, such as Vantage Point 3.0 and FICO 9, will bring the homeownership advantage to those with foreclosure, short-sale or deed in lieu of foreclosure on record.

This means the local market needs great agents. Are you up for the challenge? We are ready to help you start out!