Is the Real Estate Exam Difficult?

Real Estate Exam Test Agent License Study Pass Final Home Sale SThe most asked question from students is, “How tough is the test?” The exam is difficult. Most exams are difficult. There are two things that will help you pass the exam: 1) Listen to our lectures. They include tips on taking the exam and how to pass the test; 2) Study.

No teacher ever said there is no studying required. In order for you to pass the exam, you must study. Some students prefer to make flashcards, some study from exams they have taken, some use tools such as CompuCram (available on our website) or the Dearborn Modern Real Estate Practice app (available in your app store).

As you will see in the video, we are here to help you pass. You are part of the process, too. Together, we can do it!

YouTube “How Difficult is the Real Estate Exam?”


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