Registering for the Real Estate Exam & Background Check

To register for the real estate exam:
PSI Testing Center:  or call (888) 818-5829
On the website, choose the “Candidates” and the choose your exam from the three drop-down menus.
Our school code is 27800.
Exams are offered in Springfield, West Plains, Jefferson City, Kansas City, and St. Louis. There are also testing centers in Arkansas and other states. You may need to phone PSI to get more help. Should you fail either portion of the exam and have to re-take it, you can register the same as above.

To register for your criminal background check:
Register and pay for your background check with The Missouri State Police – Choose “fingerprint portal.”Use code 0004 when asked for the registration code.
You will see a list of locations in Missouri where you can make an appointment for fingerprinting.
The phone number for IdentoGo, the current contractor for fingerprints is 844-321-2124.

Your background check is good for 90 days.
You must apply for your license within 6 months of the date on your certificate of completion for the 48-hour pre-exam course.

There are certain convictions that result in an automatic denial of a real estate license. These offenses are outlined in 339.100.5 and 556.061 (see below). Even if the conviction is not one that results in an automatic denial of a license, the Commission may deny a license for a criminal conviction. The sections of the statutes that are applicable to this situation are 339.110 and 339.100.2 (18). If the applicant has been convicted of an offense other than those that result in an automatic denial of a license, the MREC will conduct a background investigation and gather information about the applicant such as education, work experience, and residence history. A statement will also be obtained regarding the circumstances that led up to the charges being filed, the court proceeding, and what the individual has done since being convicted of or pleading guilty to the charge. Certified copies of records will be obtained from the court, and the applicant’s sponsoring broker will be contacted to ensure they are aware of the offense(s) and they are willing to continue sponsorship. The applicant’s probation officer will also be contacted if they are currently under or have been recently released from supervision.

The Commission makes its decision of criminal conviction investigations on a case-by-case basis and it utilizes the information obtained during the investigation to assist it in making its determination of issuance or denial of the license.

Further information about criminal convictions