How to Get Your Missouri Real Estate Salesperson License

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Information regarding certain convictions that result in an automatic denial of real estate license is included at the end of this page.

Courses required to obtain your license

The state of Missouri requires two courses to apply for a real estate salesperson’s license. The first is 48 hours long and teaches students about state and national laws while also providing an introduction into how those rules work with client representation, contracts, marketing, etc.; it can’t actually be taken before you complete another 24-hour course that covers more information on what makes up successful business practices when dealing locally.

Course Descriptions (Courses are approved by the Missouri Real Estate Commission )          

48-hour Pre-exam Course

The Missouri Real Estate Salesperson’s course is a comprehensive teach-in that will prepare you to sit for the state exam. You’ll learn about both federal and local laws affecting realtors, as well as everything from ownership issues all way down through financing methods–and even some appraisal basics! This 48-hour preamble teaches students what they need before taking their state exam so not only are these lessons learned informative but also invaluable in passing the test on time.

24 Hour Missouri Real Estate Practice (MREP)

Prerequisite: 48 hour Pre-Exam.
MREP takes a look at the most important relationships in real estate – how buyers are qualified by lenders, salespersons work with their clients and customers on deals. The course also teaches you about agency agreements as well as fiduciary responsibility towards those we represent; it’s not all one-sided! Finally, you’ll learn about construction basics and house styles such as single family homes or multiunit buildings – there are many options available for homeowners depending on what they want out their home purchase experience so make sure not only do we cover them all; it’s our job–and mission!


All courses are required for licensing.

48 Hour Missouri Pre-Exam Course (purchased alone) $475 for Springfield

24 Hour Missouri Real Estate Practice Course (purchased alone) $200

72 Hour bundle (both courses) $495.

Refunds: A full refund, five calendar days prior to the start day of the class. After that, no refunds will be issued, however the student will receive a credit of the amount paid to be applied to classes taken within one year of the original registered course.

Course locations can be found on the registration page

* 72-hour COURSE SCHEDULE for Springfield:

  • DAYS: Pre-exam: Mon-Sat 8:30am – 5:30pm; MREP: Mon-Wed 8:30am – 5:30pm following the 48 hour course

  • EVENINGS: Pre-exam:  week one: Mon-Fri 6-10pm AND Saturday 8:30am – 5:30pm. Week two: Mon-Fri 6-10pm (no Saturday); MREP Mon – Fri 6-10pm AND Saturday 8:30 – 1:30

For out-of-town class schedules, please check the website.

*Please verify the course dates on the website – occasionally holidays force schedule changes!

You finished your courses. What next?

Schedule your exam at an PSI Testing Center (current price $62)
There is no correlation between Real Estate School of the Ozarks and PSI. Once the candidate has graduated and received a certificate of completion for the 48 hour pre-exam course, he or she may register for the exam. It is recommended, though not required to take the exam prior to taking the 24 hour MREP class. Use the Real Estate School of the Ozarks school number 27800 when registering for the exam. The exam can be taken as many times needed to pass, but the student must pay full price each time the exam is taken. There are 145 questions consisting of 100 federal and 40 state real estate law questions. There are also five “test” questions of no value that are trial questions for possible future testing. Candidates must pass the national portion of the test by 70% (70 correct) and the state portion by 75% (30 correct). Should the candidate pass one portion of the exam and not the other, the candidate need only retake the failed portion, however the cost to retake that portion is still the full price. Please visit the PSI website for more information.

Criminal History Background Check (current price approx $42)
All applicants for an original Missouri license are required to be fingerprinted for a Missouri and federal criminal history background check. Follow this link to the Missouri Real Estate Commission for further information.

Apply for License (current price $90)
Once the candidate has passed the exam, successfully completed all coursework and started the background check, the candidate, through the broker he or she has chosen to join, may apply for license with the Missouri Real Estate Commission.

Additional Costs/Fees (varies)

It is important that the candidate thoroughly investigate all fees related to licensing – to include fees that may be associated with joining the local Board of REALTORS®.

Information regarding certain convictions that result in an automatic denial of real estate license

There are certain convictions that result in an automatic denial of a real estate license. These offenses are outlined in 339.100.5 and 556.061 (see below). Even if the conviction is not one that results in an automatic denial of a license, the Commission may deny a license for a criminal conviction. The sections of the statutes that are applicable to this situation are 339.110 and 339.100.2 (18). If the applicant has been convicted of an offense other than those that result in an automatic denial of a license, the MREC will conduct a background investigation and gather information about the applicant such as education, work experience, and residence history. A statement will also be obtained regarding the circumstances that led up to the charges being filed, the court proceeding, and what the individual has done since being convicted of or pleading guilty to the charge. Certified copies of records will be obtained from the court, and the applicant’s sponsoring broker will be contacted to ensure they are aware of the offense(s) and they are willing to continue sponsorship. The applicant’s probation officer will also be contacted if they are currently under or have been recently released from supervision.

The Commission makes its decision of criminal conviction investigations on a case-by-case basis and it utilizes the information obtained during the investigation to assist it in making its determination of issuance or denial of the license.

Further information about criminal convictions