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The most frequent question we get is, “What is the procedure to get my real estate license and start in the business?” The best place to go to get the most in-depth answer is Missouri Real Estate Commission, but to bring things down to the basics, here is a list of requirements:

  1. Criminal background check to qualify for licensure: Missouri Automated Criminal History Site (MACHS). You will use the code number 0004.
  2. Missouri Salesperson Pre-Exam Course and certificate of completion (48 Hour) to be eligible to take your licensing exam: Link to our course schedule
  3. Missouri Real Estate Practice Course and certificate of completion to be able to apply for your license: Link to our course schedule
  4. Proof that you have passed the Missouri real estate salesperson licensing exam: AMP Testing Center
  5. An employing broker. You need to find a broker whose company, benefits and requirements fit your needs.
  6. If your broker belongs to a local real estate association (Board of REALTORS®), you will need to join, too.
  7. Membership in your association’s Multiple Listing Service (MLS).
  8. Time to devote to working on starting up your business.
  9. Patience while working on your lead list so you can eventually begin working with clients.
  10. A savings account with a few month’s salary saved up, or a household income that will allow for the expenses required to enter the real estate business.

Most of the items in the list above will have charges associated with them. Following the links above will take you to each site to investigate further regarding cost and requirements. The broker you choose will have information on the fees for joining a real estate association and MLS fees.

Did you know that real estate agents are usually independent contractors? This means that real estate agents are self-employed, receive a 1099 from their broker and pay self-employment taxes.

This information should be verified with the Missouri Real Estate Commission.

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