Pre-License Course Descriptions and Licensing Information

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Course Requirements

72 hours of coursework are required to apply for the Missouri real estate salesperson license. These 72 hours are split into two courses: Missouri Salesperson Pre-Exam (48 hours) and Missouri Real Estate Practice (MREP) (24 hours). Real Estate School of the Ozarks, LLC offers both courses either individually, or as a package. Purchased as a package, there is a savings over individual course pricing. The discount varies, depending on the course package (location, time, etc). The 24 hour MREP course cannot be taken before the student complete the 48 hour pre-exam course. Students must be in attendance for all hours of instruction.

The Missouri salespersons exam is taken at the PSI/AMP testing center (more information below). Testing is scheduled and administered by PSI/AMP .

Course Descriptions (Courses are approved by the Missouri Real Estate Commission )          

48 Hour Pre-Exam (Salesperson)
This course prepares the student to sit for the Missouri real estate exam. The student will learn both federal and state laws as they pertain to real estate salespersons. The course covers ownership, financing, agency, appraisal and law. The student will walk away with information that will assist him or her in passing the exam, as well as providing the foundation for a career in real estate. While the school is not made aware of questions on the exam, the material covers information traditionally required for real estate salesperson candidates to pass the exam, as well as techniques to study for the exam, relieve test anxiety, etc.

24 Hour Missouri Real Estate Practice (MREP)
Prerequisite: 48 hour Pre-Exam.
MREP takes a look at lending, agency, contracts and construction. The student will learn how lenders qualify buyers and about the important relationship between lenders and salespersons. Additionally, the student will review agency relationships as defined in the pre-exam course and take a deeper look into fiduciary responsibility toward clients and customers, and the contracts that define these relationships. Finally, the student will learn the basics of construction and house styles.

Refunds: A full refund, less $100 processing fee will be issued for those who cancel registration up to seven calendar days prior to the start day of the class. A 50% refund will be issued up to four calendar days prior to class start day. No refunds will be issued within three calendar days prior to class start day.

Further Licensing Information

Schedule your exam at an PSI/AMP Testing Center
There is no correlation between Real Estate School of the Ozarks and PSI/AMP. Once the candidate has graduated and received a certificate of completion for the 48 hour pre-exam course, he or she may register for the exam. It is recommended, though not required to take the exam prior to taking the 24 hour MREP class. Use the Real Estate School of the Ozarks school number 27800 when registering for the exam. The exam can be taken as many times needed to pass, but the student must pay full price each time the exam is taken. There are 145 questions consisting of 100 federal and 40 state real estate law questions. There are also five “test” questions of no value that are trial questions for possible future testing. Candidates must pass the national portion of the test by 70% (70 correct) and the state portion by 75% (30 correct). Should the candidate pass one portion of the exam and not the other, the candidate need only retake the failed portion, however the cost to retake that portion is still the full price. Please visit the PSI/AMP website for more information.

Criminal History Background Check
All applicants for an original Missouri license are required to be fingerprinted for a Missouri and federal criminal history background check. Follow this link to the Missouri Real Estate Commission for further information.

Apply for License
Once the candidate has passed the exam, successfully completed all coursework and started the background check, the candidate, through the broker he or she has chosen to join, may apply for license with the Missouri Real Estate Commission.

Additional Costs/Fees
It is important that the candidate thoroughly investigate all fees related to licensing – to include fees that may be associated with joining the local Board of Realtors®.
Important information: Real Estate School of the Ozarks school number: 27800
MREC four-digit registration number for fingerprinting: 0004

Real Estate School of the Ozarks is not affiliated with any brokerage nor do we offer recommendations to students looking for advice about which broker/company to join.